HEPA-CARE® UV800F Germicidal UV Module

  • Adds UV Germicidal Irradiation to the HC800FD Air Purification System
  • Irradiates and kills dangerous infectious pathogens
  • Lamps rated for one year of continuous use
  • Independent on/off switch
  • Internal air baffles for maximum UVGI exposure 

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Easy Installation

The UV800F module installs easily onto the HC800FD in just a few minutes. Simply slide it into the offset tabs of the clean air exhaust grill on top of the HC800FD, and secure it in place with the included fasteners. The short UV800F power cord plugs directly into a GFCI receptacle on the side of the HC800FD unit, so no separate wall receptacle is required. Once installed, there is typically no need to remove it as the UV800F moves with the HC800FD.

Built-in performance features of the UV800F Germicidal Module include:

  • High-Output - Four T6-type, ultra-high output 39-watt UVGI lamps (156 watts total) generate more than 17,000 µw/cm² of UV energy at a distance of 3 inches from the lamps
  • Long Life - Lamps rated for one year of continuous operation
  • Maximum UV Exposure - Internal air baffles maximize UVGI exposure by slowing down the airflow and funneling it closer to the lamps
  • Easy Lamp Replacement - Easy room-side access facilitates lamp replacement

Safety features of the UV800F include:

  • Complete Lamp Shielding - Prevents any direct UV exposure during operation
  • Safety Interlocks - Instantly deactivate lamps if the lamp compartment is opened or airflow is interrupted
  • Lamp On/Off Switch - Turns off lamp so HC800FD HEPA unit can run with or without UV
  • NRTL-Certified - NRTL-certified to conform with applicable UL & CSA safety standards

Multiple Uses within Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

The combination of HEPA filtration, negative pressure and UVGI disinfection is ideal for isolation rooms, ER, patient isolation during response to potential bioterrorism incidents or infectious illness outbreaks and during normal use. This combination is also perfect for disinfecting room air between patients. Uses for the HC800FD/UV800F include:

  • Airborne Infectious Isolation Rooms - The most common uses are for irradiation of HEPA filtered air before it is exhausted from the room, and disinfection of room air between patients
  • Protective Environments & Operating Rooms - The UV800F can provide added protection from airborne pathogens for immune-compromised and other sensitive patients
  • Continuous Air Cleaning & Recirculation - The air in almost any room or area can be cleaned, deodorized, and recirculated back into the same area. Common areas of use include patient waiting rooms, bronchoscopy, pediatrics, autopsy and outpatient clinics

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