HEPA-AIRE® PAS2400 Portable Air Scrubber

    • Two-speed motor
    • Peak airflow 2,100 cfm high / 700 cfm low
    • True HEPA filter, 99.97% efficiency tested & certified
    • High quality stainless steel cabinet
    • The high-speed motor and exemplary backward curved blower produce up to 60% more vacuum power than other 120 VAC systems

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The Ultimate Combination of Power & Portability 

Exceptional performance and a full array of user-friendly features have made the Abatement Technologies® PAS2400 Portable Air Scrubber* a popular choice for capturing airborne particles during facility construction and renovation. With peak tested airflow of up to 2,100 cfm, and a maximum static lift of 5.5”, it’s the highest output Portable Air Scrubber that is NRTL-certified to operate safely on a 120 V/15 amp electrical supply.

The PAS2400HC Portable Air Scrubber has several filter stages with exceptional dirt-holding capacity, and optional gas and odor removal capabilities:

  • Stage 1 - Inexpensive 1" FIBER-TRAPPER® 1.0 pre-filter
  • Stage 2 - 2" pleated particulate pre-filter
  • Stage 3 (optional) - 2" high-capacity VAPOR-LOCK® carbon filter for odors (not included)
  • HEPA filter - Tested and certified to 99.97% minimum efficiency @ 0.3 microns

‘Zero Bypass’ Design and True HEPA Filter

A unique cabinet design and a true high-capacity, IEST-compliant HEPA filter help ensure that the PAS2400 exhausts 99.97%+ efficiency air out of the work area, job after job, month after month."

The PAS2400 comes equipped with many outstanding features including:

  • Portability - The upright, two-module design with built-in transport dolly enhance the mobility and maneuverability of the PAS2400 and its ability to operate in tight spaces
  • Power - The custom-designed, high-speed motor and exemplary backward curved blower allow the PAS2400 to produce up to 60% more vacuum power than other 120 VAC systems
  • Economy - The high dirt-holding capacity of the PAS2400 pre-filters and long life non-electrostatic HEPA filter extend the useful life of the filters and reduce replacement filter costs
  • Efficiency - True 99.97%-certified HEPA filter retains its original 99.97%+ efficiency, even after hundreds of hours of operation
  • User-Friendly Controls - A complete array of convenient controls enables users to continuously monitor the operating status of the PAS2400HC
  • Safety First - NRTL certified to conform to UL507 and CSA 22.2 safety standards
  • Export Model Available - The 230V/50-60Hz PAS2400TF model is designed specifically for overseas users


Portable and Maneuverable

The upright design, built-in transport dolly and perfect weight and balance of the PAS2400 enables the operator to effortlessly tilt it back and wheel silently to the work area.

Built-in Stair Climber

The built-in stair climber further enhances portability by making it easier to go up or down stairs. The upper pre-filter module can also be detached and hand-carried to further lighten the load.

Modular Control Panel

Everything you need to operate the PAS2400 is conveniently located in one location.

Control Panel Features:

  • Speed control switch
  • Green ‘Unit On’ indicator lamp
  • ‘Replace Pre-filter’ indicator lamp
  • ‘Replace HEPA’ indicator lamp
  • GFCI-protected
  • Hour meter

All Abatement HEPA-CARE units have been tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and carry the marks certifying that they comply with applicable OSHA, UL and CSA electrical safety standards. Filters meet UL900 flammability standards. Learn more about the importance of product safety certification in the Learning Center.

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