DUCT-PRO® Power Whip System

  • Power drill operated
  • Single access cleaning
  • "Whip-it" clean
  • Optional brushes available

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Provides Agitation inside the Duct System at an Economical Price

The Abatement DUCT-PRO® Power Whip is a 20 foot long, bi-directional drive cable powered by a standard 3/8” or 1/2” electric drill (not included). Whip straps attached to the end of the Power Whip provide aggressive agitation inside the duct system. Special duct brushes can be substituted for the whip straps to provide additional agitation options.

The DUCT-PRO® Power Whip and special brushes are available separately and are included in Package B, Package B2, Package C and Package D of our turnkey packages of air duct cleaning equipment. Click to learn more about our fully assembled packages.

Features of the DUCT-PRO® Power Whip include:

  • 20 foot, bi-directional drive cable powered by a standard 3/8” or 1/2” electric drill

  • Bi-directional design permits the operator to clean both sides of a 10’ or 20’ section from a single access point and clean more difficult square or rectangular ducting

  • 1-inch wide nylon straps rotate on 10”, 14” or 18” diameter circle to clean the ductwork

  • Cleaning head attachment features a unique locking pin mechanism for fast whip or brush changes

  • Optional brushes are designed for cleaning all configurations and types of ductwork

  • Includes a 20’ cable and 3 whip sizes for optimal cleaning of metal ductwork

Complete Power Whip System

Complete system includes 20' bi-directional
cable and one set each of 10", 14" and
18" x 1" wide nylon straps.

Powered by a Standard Drill
Powered by a standard 3/8” or 1/2” electric drill (not included).

Optional Brush Package
Optional brush package can be used in place of the 1" nylon whips. Brush package includes special color-coded brushes designed to clean all types and sizes of ductwork, and connect to the cable in seconds. Brush package includes 8", 12" and 18" diameter soft blue brushes for all types of ducts; and 7"/13"/7" and 11"/18"/11" diameter step brushes for aggressive cleaning of metal ducts.

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