ISOQUAD® IQ810 Bed Isolation Module

  • Only 60 lbs., easy to carry and store
  • Fits any size bed or gurney and fast set up
  • Use with a HEPA filtration device to create negative pressure within the module
  • Pulls in “clean" air at the foot of the bed & exhausts HEPA-filtered air behind the patient’s head


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Budget-Friendly, ISOQUAD Hospital Bed Isolation Module Deploys Quickly Providing Infectious Patient Isolation and Emergency Surge Capacity Response

The time is now to plan for infectious patient isolation and increased hospital surge capacity, not during a crisis such as the recent MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV and Ebola virus outbreaks have shown. The ISOQUAD IQ810 Bed Isolation Modules from Abatement Technologies® provide a fast, low-cost solution for any size bed or gurney. Each ISOQUAD unit offers in-place patient isolation to protect healthcare workers from infectious airborne pathogens and to increase isolation surge capacity in minutes. Both compact bed isolation modules are easily transportable to where they are needed in a soft carrying case, providing the answer to pandemic response preparedness at an extremely competitive price point.

Common features that make the ISOQUAD IQ810 the perfect solution for patient isolation include:

  • Lightweight - 60 lbs.
  • Fast Set-Up - Pops-up in seconds. No tools required
  • Tough - Tear-resistant and flame-retardant fabric meets CPAI-84 flame spread safety standards
  • Cost-Effective - Affordable patient isolation solution for acute and chronic care hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities
  • Secure - “Dirty-to-Clean” directional airflow effectively contains airborne pathogens
  • Highly Adaptable - Fits virtually any size bed or gurney
  • Compact Storage - Stores easily out of the way within close proximity to patient treatment areas for rapid emergency response.
  • Portability - Easy to move in a soft carrying case with handle
  • Easy Patient Access - Provides unrestricted provider or equipment access
  • Bright and Airy - Clear PVC windows provide unobtrusive view of patient for monitoring
  • Perimeter Tape - Seals unit to the floor, adds stability and pressure integrity

Negative Pressure Infectious Patient Isolation

The IQ810 is commonly used in combination with Abatement Technologies PREDATOR® or HEPA-AIRE® Portable Air Scrubbers (PAS) to create negative pressure infectious patient isolation environments right in the bed or gurney. To use the ISOQUAD in negative pressure mode, connect the flex duct between the PVC collar at the rear of the module to the inlet collar of the Portable Air Scrubber (PAS). This creates negative (lower) air pressure and “foot-to-head” directional airflow within the enclosure so that infectious droplets expelled by the patient flow away from the enclosure opening. “Dirty” air is HEPA-filtered by the Abatement PAS and exhausted back into the room.

Easy to Carry and Store

Abatement ISOQUAD Bed Isolation Modules are highly portable. The IQ810 weighs only 60 lbs. and fits in a convenient soft storage pouch with carry handle (76” x 8” diameter).

Fits Any Size Bed or Gurney

The ISOQUAD IQ810 Bed Isolation Modules accommodate any size bed or gurney and can be set-up in virtually any space.

Convenient Patient Monitoring

Clear PVC view windows provide ample light and convenient patient monitoring.

Side Ports for Pass Through of Equipment Cords and Tubes

Side ports with Velcro covers provide a protective pass through of cords and tubes to patient medical devices located outside of the ISOQUAD enclosure.

Fast Set-Up

The ISOQUAD IQ810 becomes operational in seconds simply by “popping” out the side module into the locked position.

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