Portable ANTE UP® HC7917 Inflatable Emergency Anteroom

  • Inflates in minutes with the included 110-volt compressor/inflator
  • Fits any 46” – 48” wide, 80” tall doorway & can be expanded for double doors
  • Large zippered doors at either end are wide enough for a gurney
  • Large windows with roll-up covers at each end
  • Portable air scrubber & HEPA vacuum connection ports
  • Tough fabric meets relevant fire/life safety standards

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Inflatable, Emergency Anteroom Becomes Fully Operational in Less Than Five Minutes

The portable ANTE UP HC7917 Inflatable Emergency Anteroom from Abatement Technologies is the most convenient solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities that need to erect emergency anterooms for patient rooms, corridors or flat space where infectious, surge-capacity patients are located. The economical ANTE UP Module is so easy to set-up that one worker can have it fully operational. When used in combination with HEPA-CARE® in-room HEPA filtration systems, ANTE UP provides a transition module between clean and dirty areas to help ensure that proper room pressure relationships are maintained.

Cost-Effective Anteroom Solution

From the start, ANTE UP was designed to provide an exceptionally cost-effective alternative to fixed anterooms during potential airborne infectious emergencies. It’s fast, non-permanent installation offers maximum flexibility for use where you need it when you need it.

Easy to Deploy

First, the easy-to-carry 40 lb. soft, compact storage bag that contains the ANTE UP enclosure and inflator is taken to the area of use. The deflated enclosure is removed from the bag and positioned for inflation within the doorway to the patient room. If preferred, it can be placed entirely in the corridor adjacent to the doorway.

The inflation compressor plugs into a standard 115 volt wall receptacle while the inflator hoses attaches to the valve on the ANTE UP module. When positioned within a standard 46” to 49” wide door and inflated, Ante Up self seals to the door frame and extends less than a foot into the corridor.

Once deployed, the ANTE UP Anteroom module provides an unobstructed door opening of 46” width at gurney height. Large clear PVC windows provide light and visibility, and the sturdy tear-resistant fabric meets California Fire Marshall, NFPA and OSHA requirements. When the ANTE UP module is no longer needed, it can be quickly and easily deflated by the compressor, folded, and returned to the storage bag for future use.

Outstanding features of the portable ANTE UP Inflatable Emergency Anteroom include:

  • Lightweight and compact unit fits into a soft carrying bag weighing less than 40 lbs. including inflator
  • Versatile design fits into or adjacent to standard 80” tall, 46” to 49” wide doorways. Expandable to fit double doors up to 100” wide
  • Protrudes less than 12” into the corridor when mounted within the door opening
  • Full-width 46” door opening at gurney height
  • Helps to create and maintain “clean to dirty” directional airflow when used in combination with Abatement Technologies portable HEPA filtration systems
  • Reliable five year manufacturers warranty
  • Fire-rated fabric

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