Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter

  • Backlit display makes it easy to read results in dark spaces
  • Pin and pinless mode
  • Auto Shut-off saves battery life
  • Rugged Construction - years of reliable use


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TechCheck Plus delivers with other advanced features such as:

Backlit Display - Makes it easy to read results in dark spaces.

HOLD Function - Freezes readings taken in hard-to-reach, hard-to-view areas

Pin Mode. 0.1% - 50% drywall scale, a Delmhorst exclusive. 

Attachable Insulation Pins - Ships with attachable insulation pins for inspecting inside of walls

High-Resolution Display - 0.1% resolution.

Spanish Language Option - Displays results in Spanish.

Auto Shut-Off - Saves battery life

User-Adjustable Alarm - Alarm sounds when pre-selected moisture threshold levels have been reached.

Rugged Construction - Ensures years of reliable use

Sturdy Plastic Carrying Case - Protects moisture meter when not in use

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