CAP100-UV Residential and Commercial Air Purifier

  • Three-Stage Air Purification System
  • MERV 13 Efficiency Rating
  • A powerful ozone-free germicidal UV disinfection lamp 


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High-Performance Central Air Cleaners Capture Up to 97% of the Allergens and Particles that Standard 1-inch HVAC Filters Miss

Installing CAP100 Series Whole-House Air Purifiers from Abatement Technologies® in your home or office's central heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system can help improve indoor air quality by capturing many of the pollutants that can trigger allergic reactions. CAP100 Series Central Air Cleaners are designed to capture up to 97% of the airborne dirt particles, mold and fungal spores, pollens and other particulates flowing through your central HVAC system that low-efficiency 1-inch HVAC filters miss. CAP100 Models also equipped with optional germicidal UV or UV "Plus" disinfection lamps, the same technology used by hospitals, add another layer of protection against microbes and common household odors.

CAP100-UV Air Purifier

  • Three-Stage Air Purification System
  • MERV 13 Efficiency Rating
  • Germicidal UV Lamp

CAP100-UV Air Purifier Three Stage Air Purification with Germicidal UV (UV-C) Disinfection Lamp

The CAP100-UV is a higher performance model with the same type of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation lamp that has been used in hospitals and other facilities for more than 60 years to kill bacteria, viruses and other microbial contaminants. The powerful CAP100-UV lamp blasts microbes as they pass the lamp in the air stream or are trapped on the special UV-resistant final filter.

The higher performance CAP100-UV is equipped with:

  • An inexpensive 1"-deep large particle pre-filter to remove larger particles and extend the life of the final stage filter
  • A special high-capacity, 5"-deep UV-resistant MERV 13 efficiency final filter that captures up to 99% of particles 6 microns or larger
  • A powerful ozone-free germicidal UV disinfection lamp to irradiate and destroy allergy and asthma triggering microbes with every air cycle through the HVAC system
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