Concrobium PRO Disinfectant & Cleaner

• Proven disinfection with superior cleaning performance

• Stable product; no ‘shaking’ prior to mixing required

• No harmful chemicals or solvents

• No PPE and rinse required

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Concrobium® Broad Spectrum Disinfectant is a botanically-derived, Health Canada registered bactericide, tuberculocide, virucide* and fungicide made from a proprietary blend of plant extracts and essential oils.

The unique thyme-based formula offers several unique advantages:


One-step solution offers proven disinfection with superior cleaning performance, without the premium price

Ease of Use

Ready-to-use formula does not have the harsh lingering odor


Plant-based ingredients are non-toxic and biodegradable; no ammonias, chlorines or glutaraldehy 

Recommended uses

Concrobium® Broad Spectrum Disinfectant can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, nurseries, day care centers, medical offices, institutional facilities, schools, military installations, athletic facilities, public areas, ambulances, institutional kitchens, cafeterias, restaurants, food processing plants, public restrooms, hotels and motels, garbage and refuse centers, correctional facilities, shower and bath areas, zoos and farms (Livestock; dairy; fruits; and vegetables) 


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