AIRE GUARDIAN® AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart

    • Unique upper header design gives workers unmatched height access above ceiling tiles while keeping them safe and OSHA compliant
    • Height adjustment mechanism affords single-handed header extension and retraction to any ceiling height up to 10 ft
    • Height adjusts easily using either the included hand-crank or a power drill (drill not included)
    • 900 lb load rating and secure locking casters
    • Includes 16 ft, 3-Section Fiberglass Extension Ladder


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The Ultimate ICRA-Compliant Solution for Containing Airborne Particles Released During Ceiling Cavity Work

Protect Your Patients. Protect Your Employees. Protect Your Facility.

Does the proximity of your hospital construction, renovation or maintenance project pose the potential risk of exposing sensitive patients or hospital staff to health-threatening airborne dust particles? The AIRE GUARDIAN AG8000Mobile Construction Containment Enclosure* from Abatement Technologies provides the perfect particle control solution for these projects. Hospital contractors are reporting substantial productivity increases and rapid ROI on their investment in the AIRE GUARDIAN dust containment module.

* U.S. Patent No. 9,574,399 / Canadian Patent No. 2,895,016

Responsible hospital maintenance staff and facility contractors choose dust containment procedures that comply with Joint Commission audited and enforced ICRA Construction Guidelines. Infection control risks can be especially high for healthcare construction and maintenance activities that require frequent or repeated access into dust laden ceiling cavities.

Applicable uses for the AG8000 Mobile Dust Containment Cart include:

  • Ceiling tile or grid replacement

  • Computer cable installation

  • Electrical equipment 

  • Electrical wiring installation 

  • Fire suppression systems 

  • HVAC equipment & ductwork 

  • Air filter change-outs

  • Pneumatic systems

  • Hospital automation systems

  • Facility automation networks

  • Lighting equipment

  • Plumbing systems

When used with a PAS750 Portable Air Scrubber (included in AG8000PAS kit), your workspace becomes a fortress under negative pressure surpassing hospital infection control department requirements and NFPA life safety codes for patient protection. Contractors and facility maintenance staff working on building construction and renovation projects depend on its rugged and durable design, ease of use and numerous built-in safety and performance features.

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