• Markings demonstrate visible evidence of standards compliance
  • Fast and Easy to Install, Versatile
  • Allows easy two-way entry via zipper pulls on both sides
  • Built-in tiebacks for equipment, or patient bed pass through
  • Secure and Economical
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Meet CDC ICRA Compliance for Creating Awareness and Isolating Construction Zones in Healthcare Facilities

The AIRE GUARDIAN® Door Guard from Abatement Technologies® is a high-quality, reusable dust control barrier designed to help healthcare facilities and facility contractors comply with CDC ICRA Construction Guidelines. The tough, secure Door Guard barrier helps protect patients and staff by clearly identifying work areas, and isolating and containing airborne particles within the work zone. Door Guard is imprinted with a highly visible warning that the area beyond the barrier is for particle control during healthcare construction, renovation, and maintenance projects.

Increase Worker Productivity and Save Money

The AIRE GUARDIAN® Door Guard barrier is manufactured ready for immediate installation with a strong built-in zipper woven into a durable 10 mil, tear-resistant, fire-retardant fabric. Door Guard saves time and money by eliminating the time and labor required to assemble adhesive zippers into thin, single-use poly barriers. It creates a far more secure containment option to flimsy zipper door “tent” systems that typically require frequent repair and reinstallation.

Economical Design Provides Protection through Multiple Entries and Installations

Door Guard is designed to provide ongoing protection through multiple entries and installations. With just one zipper to open and close, and zipper pulls on both sides, Door Guard provides fast ingress and egress for personnel and equipment. And, it has the durability needed to hold up to the forces created by negative pressure construction environments.

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