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Read What Homeowners Have To Say About Their Abatement Technologies® CAP® Series Whole-House Air Cleaners

Read testimonials from home owners


“Between cigarette smoke, a wood stove and a Great Dane, our family has surrounded itself with a variety of smells and odors which can sometimes seem unbearable. The CAP air purifier from Abatement Technologies has stopped these odors cold, and has improved our indoor air quality ten-fold.”

– J.D., Ontario, Canada


“I have really bad allergies and this product has really made a difference. I love my HEPA filter (CAP600).”

– M.C., Virginia Beach, VA

“I am very happy with the CAP600-UV air purifier that I have had in my home for the past 5 years. It was installed and has been maintained by Clean Air Technologies of Charlotte and does a good job of eliminating the particles that I might breathe.

I had previously lived in the low country of South Carolina and had physical issues caused by the mold and high humidity in the area. I became chemically sensitive to building materials, plus mold, formaldehyde, gases and odors, so I have to reduce chemicals from my living environment as much as possible. I moved to a drier area, in North Carolina, but I still need to avoid gases and odors. Even though I live near a busy street, I have had success with dehumidifiers and the HEPA air purifier in my home.

I especially get good results from the VL602 carbon filters in the unit. I change them out often, usually earlier than suggested. I can actually tell if those filters need to be changed by how I feel. They make a big difference!”

– C.L., Charlotte, NC


“…The reason I had this system (CAP600-UVP) installed is because my son has asthma that is worsened by seasonal & environmental triggers. This spring we have had to give him Albuterol nebulizer treatments anywhere from a minimum of twice daily on up to every 3 to 4 hours. Since having this system install on Saturday (today being Tuesday), he has NOT had even one nebulizer treatment!! What a wonderful thing to say for a very active 4 year old! My son has been having the horrible coughing and wheezing episodes especially at night as well. The night after the system was put in was the first night in a long time that everyone in our home has gotten a peaceful, cough free sleep! What a relief! As you can see, I am very excited about this! I would love to recommend that all families, especially those with asthma cases, get one of these systems installed!”

– A.R., Lawrenceville, GA

“Thanks Diane, you were a big help. Please pass this email on to the owner/boss because you get KUDOS for your outstanding customer service provided me today. I told my daughter recently that attitude was everything, so pick a good one. YOU DID!”

– J.M., Milton, FL

“I want to thank you for recommending Quality Aire Technologies to install the CAP600-UVP Air Purifier in my home. I could not have been more pleased with the CAP600-UVP and the professional service that Mr. Ken lrick and his staff performed for me.

The entire job required a lot more than just installing the CAP600-UVP. First, Quality Aire Technologies cleaned all the heating/air conditioning ducts using your modern equipment. My ducts had not been cleaned for about 10 years and were quite dirty. It was amazing to see just how much debris they were able to remove from these ducts.

Next, Quality Aire Technologies refitted some of the heating/air conditioning ducts in my house in order to make the entire system air tight. This was no easy task since some of the air returns were open to spaces behind drywalls thus requiring considerable work to seal the system. It also should be pointed out that when I first talked with Mr. lrick over the phone, he was able to get a clear and accurate picture of exactly what new ducting had to be prefabricated prior to his arrival on the job site. I was really impressed that every prefabricated piece fitted exactly as needed.

Finally, in installing the CAP600-UVP, Mr. lrick performed wonders. The space he had to work in was very cramped and required a lot of refitting of the old ducts just to get the new unit in. The CAP600-UVP air purifier fits so well that this new unit looks like it is part of the original equipment.


The CAP600-UVP is up and operating and my wife and I are very pleased we had it installed. We are also very pleased to have done business with Quality Aire Technologies and Abatement Technologies. The price was right and the service was outstanding. Thank you again.”

– J.T., Broad Run, VA

“By far, the CAP System provides the best air quality anyone could have! Our house smells cleaner and (the unit) has virtually eliminated all cooking related odors. An economical product I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone wishing to improve their indoor air quality.”

– C.M., Ontario, Canada

“I have asthma and rhinitis that has driven me nuts for about 10 years. I had a CAP-600 with a UV light installed. Immediately, I began breathing pure, fresh air in the dead of winter in a tight house. I heartily recommend this system to anyone who has a breathing problem–or who simply wants to breathe pure air in their own home.”

– J.C., Blandon, PA

"When I reached the point where my antihistamine and nose spray couldn't counteract my allergies, my allergist suggested various measures I could try, including air filtration through HEPA filters. After researching my options, I decided on a central air system for my whole house. Abatement Technologies CAP600-UV unit quietly, efficiently removes dust mites, dander, mold, pollen, bacteria and even many viruses from the air in every room in my home. I no longer battle fatigue, itchy eyes and other allergy symptoms, even on the "high alert" pollen days, and I am healthier overall.”

– N.T., Duluth, GA

“My wife and I are both sensitive to dust and dust mites, so this is also a health problem for us. Since we had the Abatement CAP100-UVP installed, the dust is gone and we are coughing and sneezing less. Thanks for a great product.”

– D.S., Clarkesville, GA

“…The CAP1200-UVP along with the CAP300-UVP’s you sold us have improved the air quality so much in the bar area we are going to install the same combination in the upstairs Bingo Hall. We have tried many other products for several years and have had none to compare with those of Abatement Technologies. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to starting our next project.”

– American Legion, Buford, GA

“…I would like to thank whoever designed your CAP100-UVP and CAP300 air filtration and treatment products. Since we have installed these, our smoke and bar odors have been diminished immensely. All our members have had questions about how we got the problem under control. We have no need to even run the 3 Smokeaters we installed several years ago.

Also, the 2 portable air scrubbers in the Bingo Hall have had a big effect on increased attendance, which has almost doubled our Bingo revenues. Abatement Technologies products are truly the best investment the Post has made in several years.”

– American Legion, Duluth, GA