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Read what Professional Contractors have to say about Abatement Technologies® Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

 “Awesome performance. An out-and-out winner! I've got almost 12,000 hours on my first HEPA-AIRE unit...and no problems. The best feature is that customers can see what you are taking out, and they are impressed by the high-tech appearance of the equipment." 

– C.B., Cary, IL


“We just received our second HEPA-AIRE 2500 portable power vac… This new HEPA-AIRE 2500 really shows the engineering excellence of Abatement Technologies. (It is) the only choice for residential and light commercial work… We feel that the HEPA-AIRE 2500 is without a doubt the most professional looking and performing source removal equipment on the market today."
– B.R., Charleston, South Carolina


“The high power, ease of handling and overall quality workmanship of Abatement Technologies equipment are some of the reasons for our immediate success in the air duct cleaning field. (We) run our HEPA-AIRE 2500 machines nine hours a day, six days per week and have had no mechanical problems…Thank you for your workmanship and service in getting our
Air Duct Division off the ground and soaring.”
– C.M., Landsdowne, Pennsylvania


“It's a pleasure to do business with a company that treats its customers as we treat ours."
– H.L., Montgomery, AL


"I wanted to let you know that this complete system has performed well beyond our expectations.
We have had no problems with the equipment, and maintenance is a snap due to
the superior design… Be assured that when we purchase our next Duct Cleaning machine and accessories, it will be an Abatement Technologies system."

– J.M., Ontario, Canada


“After searching around the U.S. and Canada for several years and receiving numerous
data on duct cleaning systems, we can only thank God that we found out
about your systems. There is no comparison! After our purchase, we couldn’t be more
pleased with the performance of the equipment and are looking forward to purchasing more in the future! Even our customers, residential and commercial, are impressed with our equipment.”

– C.L., Waukegan, Illinois


“Our decision to offer duct cleaning to our customers has been a good one…
a terrific one in fact. It has become one of the most profitable areas of our business.
Beyond the excellent profits duct cleaning offers, it is also a source of new customers for the service and equipment replacement departments of our HVAC business.
Duct cleaning is the perfect complement to any HVAC contractor’s business…We couldn’t be more pleased with our selection of the Abatement Technologies duct cleaning equipment. The HEPA-AIRE 2500 lives up to its reputation as the leader in portable equipment.”

– J.G., Mobile, Alabama


“The introduction of the HEPA-AIRE 2500 by Abatement Technologies opened up another income opportunity for me. Combined with the Air Sweep Compressor System, it enabled my company to expand my duct cleaning business to the apartment and condominium market… The set-up is quick and easy. By unlatching each module, one man can transport the System 1 up or down a flight of stairs if no elevator is available. Best of all, HEPA filtration is 99% efficient at 1 micron for hospital grade exhaust air… Hats off to Abatement Technologies…….. They’ve come up with another winner!”
– L.P., Allentown, Pennsylvania


"Our company owns two of your HEPA-AIRE 2500 portable power vacs and duct cleaning equipment packages. To say that we are happy would be an understatement. We are totally pleased with your products and the way your company does business. Your products are terrific but it is the support after the sale that has really impressed us."
– N.C., Travelers Rest, South Carolina


We have bought 5 HEPA-AIRE units since 1992. We were going to replace
the oldest one this year, but why should we? It still runs great.”

– M.C., Fairfax, VA


“I have used other brands of equipment before and I can’t believe the superior cleaning power of Abatement Technologies’ equipment. The first job I did I got 3 referrals.”
- R.H., Grand Island, NE


"The HEPA-AIRE 2500 vac has saved us a tremendous amount of money for replacement filters
(and it) has cut our costs back by almost 90%. We are also very happy with its portability.
We transport the HEPA-AIRE 2500 in a cargo van along with our compressor and all our other equipment and take it right to the furnace or air handler.
With its size and weight and built-in cart, we can usually get pretty close.
So far there have been zero maintenance problems… We have received very
good comments from our customers. They are impressed by it and say so."

– G.K., Atlanta, Georgia


"We just purchased a HEPA-AIRE 2500 last week and yesterday used it for the first time.
I must admit that, as a former truck user, I was more than a bit skeptical at first.
But after using the HEPA-AIRE 2500, I was amazed at the great job it does… Now, instead of just describing the type of dirt we remove, the HEPA-AIRE 2500 provides me a way to "show"
as well as "tell"…Congratulations on a job well done…"

– M.W., Stonewall, Louisiana


“This letter is to thank you for introducing our company to duct cleaning.
It has added a wonderful profit center to our business. It’s amazing how many of
our customers are interested in duct cleaning, especially when shown the inside of their ducts and what actually is in them… Again, I want to thank you and let you know how
pleased we are with our decision.
My only regret is not doing this ten years sooner.”

– A.G., Leesport, Pennsylvania


“We have been using Abatement Technologies products since 1992
and have found them to be of high quality and dependable performance. It was their
superior quality and expertise that attracted us in the first place.”

– L.S., British Columbia, Canada


"…we have just completed a big job and are extremely satisfied."
– T.D., Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


“Abatement Technology was chosen as the most efficient technology and convenient equipment.
Even during “crash tests”, when we tried to find the limits of your equipment in worse conditions,
your HEPA 2500 was the best equipment in every situation
(Nuclear, Research Laboratory, Hostels, Department stores, Factories, High speed trains, etc.).”

– T.J., Paris, France


“It is a pleasure to do business with companies that treat their customers as we treat ours. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for you and Abatement Technologies. We had received our fifth HEPA-AIRE 2500 this year. The most professional looking and performing source removal equipment make us become the champion air duct cleaning company in Hong Kong.”
– S.T., Aberdeen, Hong Kong


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