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Cashing in on IAQ

Increase profits with air duct cleaning services to an ever-growing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) market opportunity

Increase Profits with the Industry Leader in Air Duct Cleaning Equipment–Abatement Technologies®

Residential and commercial air duct cleaning is one of the most lucrative business opportunities in the booming indoor air quality field, with excellent annual growth rates. Industry analysts expect this growth rate to continue through increased customer concern about IAQ in their homes and businesses.

A number of factors make air duct cleaning an attractive opportunity for service contractors:Cashing in on IAQ

  • Duct cleaning produces excellent gross margins
  • Duct cleaning can provide significant add-on revenues with
    existing customers
  • Duct cleaning can generate new customers for other products
    and services
  • Duct cleaning helps identify potential HVAC retrofit customers
    and close equipment retrofit deals
  • Duct cleaning can generate revenues during slow times of the year

As the industry leader since 1990, Abatement Technologies has helped thousands of companies throughout the United States, Canada, and the world develop and grow successful air duct cleaning businesses. Companies using Abatement products have cleaned HVAC systems in millions of homes and commercial buildings and generated billions of dollars in duct cleaning revenues.

What is ‘Source Removal and Capture’ Air Duct Cleaning?

Studies have shown that even a small amount of dirt buildup on HVAC system components can significantly reduce HVAC efficiency and increase energy consumption. According to university research and industry standards, complete removal of dirt, debris and other contaminants from the air duct system is the most effective and acceptable cleaning and decontamination method for ductwork in both homes and commercial buildings.

  • Dirty air duct.
    Dirty air duct.
  • Clean air duct after using Abatement source removal duct cleaning equipment.
    Clean air duct after using Abatement source removal duct cleaning equipment.

Abatement Technologies duct cleaning method goes a step further by combining effective source removal with ‘source capture’:

  • A specially designed compressor equipped with special agitation tools is used to loosen or dislodge dirt, debris and other contaminants from inner ductwork surfaces.
  • A HEPA-AIRE portable vacuum system is taken right into the home or building and plugged into a standard 115-volt wall outlet. It combines the power needed to place the ductwork under negative pressure, and to pull out the contaminants, with a 3-stage filtration system that has the efficiency and capacity needed to capture them.

Because the HEPA-filtered air exhausted back into the indoor environment from the vacuum is cleaner than many hospital operating rooms, there is no need to pull huge amounts of heated or cooled air out of the building and exhaust it outside, as must be done with gasoline or diesel-powered equipment.

Learn more about Abatement’s HEPA-AIRE duct cleaning process.

Give Your Company a Competitive Edge with State-of-the-Art Duct Cleaning Equipment

Abatement Technologies offers turnkey packages of high-performance air duct cleaning equipment and tools designed to deliver superior results in both residential and commercial HVAC ductwork. Key components of Abatement’s turnkey equipment packages include:

Affordable Start-Up Packages

Affordable start-up packages of air duct cleaning equipment, tools, and professional marketing materials start around $6,000. High-quality marketing, training and sales support materials are also available to get you up and running quickly.

Contractors often find that Abatement Technologies’ duct cleaning systems deliver one of the best investment returns of any capital purchases. In fact, many contractors have been able to recoup their entire initial investment within the first few months of operation. There are even special equipment lease programs to spread the cost of the equipment over time.

Need More Information?

Abatement Technologies experienced and knowledgeable sales consultants are ready to assist you with product recommendations and procedures. Call us or Contact Us today for a complete package of information on how we can help your company add or improve a duct cleaning business.


“We have been using Abatement Technologies products since 1992 and have found them to be of high quality and dependable performance.”
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