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How to grow your business using Abatement HEPA AIRE Portable Power Vacuums

The differences in duct cleaning equipment from one product to another can be substantial. Unfortunately, companies entering the duct-cleaning business sometimes find this out too late–after they have purchased inferior equipment that doesn’t hold up or just doesn’t perform.

The following are 10 reasons why Abatement Technologies has remained the duct cleaning industry leader for almost 15 years while others have come and gone. You’ll understand why our HEPA-AIRE vacuums are widely regarded as the finest in the industry and an excellent capital investment for your duct cleaning business.

1. Innovative Technology

HEPA-AIRE portable power vacuums were the first electric-powered, portable systems designed from the ground up specifically for source removal duct cleaning. Prior to the invention of these first models in 1990, air duct cleaning was done primarily using gasoline or diesel-powered truck-mounted vacuums, antiquated technology that dates back more than 50 years. The HEPA-AIRE equipment provided an effective alternative, and reduced the initial investment in equipment and ongoing maintenance and operating costs by up to 500%. Today, the HEPA-CARE method is the industry standard. Since 1990, more than 200 product improvements have reinforced Abatement’s leadership position, and reputation for exceptionally productive, cost-effective and user-friendly duct-cleaning vacuums.