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Are the molded plastic filtration units you use fire-safe?

Properly designed molded plastic cabinets can offer a number of user benefits over fabricated metal cabinets for portable filtration devices.

They are typically lighter, and quality molded products, and designs can be made more aesthetically pleasing. Quality molded products are more likely to maintain their appearance and shape over time, and less likely to damage objects they may bump against in use.

However, before buying a plastic molded product, users should look closely at whether that product has been properly tested and certified by a Nationally Recognized Tested Laboratory such as UL, ETL, or CSA, to ensure that it meets the UL94 flammability & flame spread requirements. If not, they could be risking that the device they are using – and possibly the job site – could go up in flames.


UL94 Standards 

Not all plastic resins meet the UL94 standard, and some of those that do not can be highly flammable. If such a cabinet is exposed to a flame or to excessive heat it can potentially erupt into a fireball very quickly. And, cabinet resin is not the only UL94 requirement. The standard includes a number of other specific design requirements to protect sensitive electrical components from possible exposure and degradation due to excessive heat or flames.

Making a product that does meet the UL requirements may add cost; however, it also adds peace of mind, and it’s the right thing to do. That’s why the Predator™ molded-cabinet products sold by Abatement Technologies have been tested and certified by Intertek Laboratories to meet UL94 requirements, and carry the ETL and ETLc safety-certification labels.

 Is it really worth it to your business to take on the risks of using molded products that don’t?