Dual Room Pressure Monitor RPM-RT2

Wall-Mounted Pressure Monitors Provide State-of-the-Art Technology  Features and Design at an Economical Price

Abatement Technologies® RPM Series Differential Pressure Monitors provide 24/7 monitoring and recording of differential air pressure relationships between multiple rooms or areas within a healthcare facility.

Primary uses include:

  • Patient infectious isolation rooms
  • Protective environments
  • Clean rooms
  • Hospital construction work areas
  • Central Sterilization/Sterile Processing Departments

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Technically-Advanced Model

The RPM-RT2 model can monitor room pressure at three locations by simultaneously measuring the pressure relationships between two separate rooms or areas and a third common reference point, such as a corridor or anteroom.

Features a user-friendly, menu-driven touch screen with intuitive software for quick set-up and ease of operation. 

Feature-rich and easy-to-use, RPM Series Wall-Mounted Differential Pressure Monitors include:

  • Differential Pressure Range: -0.10 in. water gauge (-25 Pa) to +0.10 in. water gauge (+25 Pa)
  • Alarm Range: -.04 in. water gauge (-10 Pa) to +0.04 in. water gauge (+10 Pa)
  • View readings history onscreen via internal storage or upload to a PC via a USB stick
  • Color-coded screen background (Green, Yellow or Red) designates alarm status
  • Password protection feature (can be disabled)
  • Visual & audible alarms with audio alarm delay & timed shutoff features
  • BACNET & N2 network capability
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