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Abatement Technologies® HEPA-CARE® Room Air Pressure Monitors for Negative or Positive Pressure Hospital Patient Isolation Rooms

Electronic Monitors Provide Real-Time Differential Room Pressure Monitoring and Data Recording

Abatement HEPA-CARE Room Air Pressure Monitors are designed to continuously monitor the differential pressure inside of airborne infectious isolation rooms relative to the common areas of a healthcare facility. HEPA-CARE Wall-Mounted Room Pressure Monitors and Hand-Held, Portable Room Pressure Monitors deliver precise, electronic measurement and documentation of room pressure conditions 24/7. Why settle for periodic or once-a-day room pressure checks with manual smoke tubes?


RPM Series

RPM Series

Wall-Mounted, Low-Profile Pressure Monitors

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Portable, Differential Pressure Monitor

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Hand-Held Pressure Monitor


Hand-Held Room Pressure Monitor

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Common applications within hospital or healthcare facilities include: