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Influenza Pandemic

H1N1 Pandemic PreparednessProducts to Help Contain the Transmission of H1N1 Influenza, SARS and Other Airborne Infectious Diseases

Caring for a major surge of patients resulting from an H1N1 flu pandemic or other influenza outbreak can create major challenges for hospitals and healthcare facilities as resources become stretched well beyond normal operating limits. Healthcare providers must be able to respond quickly to treat and manage a major influx of patients. Existing facility patient isolation room capacity can easily become overwhelmed, as proven during the 2009-10 H1N1 swine flu pandemic.


Engineering Controls to Help Prevent the Spread of Influenza in Acute Care Hospitals and Long-Term Facilities

The CDC states that effective and essential measures for pandemic preparedness plans should include protecting patients and staff from infectious airborne droplet nuclei released into the air when an infected patient coughs or sneezes. Abatement Technologies® cutting-edge surge preparedness products can help hospitals and healthcare facilities meet CDC guidelines for infection control and increase patient isolation surge capacity cost-effectively. These systems can build a robust hospital preparedness plan in response to a pandemic influenza outbreak.

HEPA Filtration Systems for Converting Hospital Rooms into Negative Pressure Patient Isolation Rooms

HEPA-CARE Portable Air Purification ModelsAbatement Technologies line of high-performance HEPA-CARE® Air Purification Systems convert standard patient rooms into CDC-compliant negative pressure isolation rooms to help control the spread of the H1N1 influenza virus. High-efficiency HEPA-CARE systems capture droplet nuclei in a certified 99.99% efficiency Type A HEPA filter. HEPA-CARE units create negative pressure within the patient space to help prevent the spread of the influenza virus to other patients and medical staff within the facility.

HEPA-CARE Air Purification Systems include:


HEPA Filtration Systems for Converting Flat-Space or Off-Site Facilities into Large Patient Isolation Areas

PAS5000HC Portable Air Filtration SystemAbatement Technologies HEPA-filtered, HEPA-AIRE® Portable Air Scrubber Systems are ideal for converting facility flat-spaces, large off-site spaces or isolation tents into infectious patient isolation areas. Using negative pressure, these powerful air scrubbers have the airflow necessary to contain airborne pathogens and particles within the isolation area, and capture them in a certified 99.99% efficiency Type A HEPA filter to prevent particle migration.

HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubber Systems include:

Portable Anteroom Modules

Portable Anteroom ModulesAbatement Emergency Anteroom Modules are used to create a transition zone between “clean” areas, such as the common hallway, and “dirty” areas where patients are isolated.

Portable Anteroom Modules include:


ISOQUAD® 200 Bed Isolation Module

Bed Isolation Module

The ISOQUAD® IQ200 Bed Isolation Module further expands surge capacity by isolating infectious patients in any size bed or gurney.




Solutions for HEPA Air Cleaning and Recirculation

HEPA Air Cleaning and Recirculation for Infectious Pathogen ControlAbatement Technologies HEPA-CARE and HEPA-AIRE Air Purification Systems can be used as recirculating HEPA air cleaners to capture virus and bacteria droplets and spores and reduce airborne pathogen counts. Operating in a pressure-neutral mode 24/7, HEPA-CARE or HEPA-AIRE units remove dangerous particles from the air and recirculate clean HEPA-filtered air back into the space. Learn more about HEPA Air Cleaning and Recirculation for Infectious Pathogen Control using Abatement Air Purification Systems.


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