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Chemical, Biological & Nuclear Response

Chemical, Nuclear & Bioterrorism AttackMedical Equipment for Emergency Hospital Preparedness Plans

A chemical, nuclear or bioterrorism attack could bring a wave of potentially infectious, panic-stricken victims to your hospital emergency room. Does your healthcare facility or medical clinic have sufficient infectious patient isolation rooms or isolation surge capacity to protect patients and staff?

State-of-the-art HEPA-CARE® and HEPA-AIRE® Air Purification Equipment and Solutions from Abatement Technologies help create protective isolation environments and increase infectious patient isolation surge capacity. HEPA-CARE and HEPA-AIRE products can enhance the bioterrorism hospital preparedness plans of healthcare facilities with cost-effective, rapid response solutions to a mass casualty emergency.


Standard Hospital Rooms Convert to Negative Pressure Patient Isolation Rooms

High-performance, HEPA-CARE Air Purification Systems convert regular patient rooms into negative pressure patient isolation rooms that meet CDC guidelines for airborne infection control. HEPA-CARE systems purify the air by capturing dangerous pathogens in a certified 99.99% high-efficiency Type A hospital-grade HEPA filter. Negative pressure created by the HEPA-CARE units within the patient space help prevent the spread of bioterrorism agents to other patients and personnel within the medical facility.

HEPA-CARE Air Purification Systems include:


Flat-Space Conversion into Large Patient Isolation Areas

Abatement Technologies HEPA-filtered, HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubber systems quickly and economically convert on-site flat space or off-site, community-based spaces into large airborne infection isolation rooms. Spaces that can be converted include:

Abatement HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubbers produce higher airflows needed to create large patient isolation areas, and the ability to maintain negative pressure to prevent particle migration outside of the isolation zone. Dangerous contaminants are removed from the air through a pharmaceutical grade 99.99% efficiency HEPA filter. HEPA-AIRE systems are built to last and can operate 24/7 for months at a time.

High-performance HEPA-AIRE Portable Air Scrubber Systems include:

Download the Emergency Preparedness Plan for Conversion of Classrooms.

Portable Anteroom Modules Create Transition Zones

Emergency Anteroom Modules by Abatement Technologies work as an “air-lock” or buffer zone to create a transitional space between a “clean” space, the hallway, and the space that has been converted into a patient isolation area. Anteroom Modules can be negatively or positively pressurized to control the direction of airflow and help contain contaminants.

Emergency Portable Anteroom Modules include:

Bed Isolation Module


Bed Isolation Module

The ISOQUAD IQ200 Bed Isolation Module further expands surge capacity by isolating infectious patients in any size bed or gurney.




Continuous HEPA Air Cleaning and Recirculation

When not used to create negative pressure patient quarantine areas, Abatement Technologies HEPA-CARE and HEPA-AIRE Air Purification Systems can operate in a pressure-neutral mode to cleanse and recirculate filtered air back into the same space. Continuous air cleaning and recirculation provides infection control benefits in potentially high-risk areas where patients are treated such as ER rooms and triage areas. Learn more about HEPA Air Cleaning and Recirculation for Infectious Pathogen Control using Abatement Air Purification Systems.

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