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Sticky Mats

Sticky Mats capture shoe dirtCapture Particles from Foot Traffic Leaving Construction or Demolition Areas to Help Protect Against Contamination

Sticky Mats from Abatement Technologies® are a cost-effective solution that trap dirt and debris from the bottom of footwear as workers leave the “dirty” construction zone and step into the “clean” area of the facility. Sticky Mats capture particles using a tacky, 1/8” polyethylene surface. The product is an excellent choice for capturing even ultra fine drywall dust and other contaminants that settle to the ground and then get picked up on the bottom of shoes.

Place a pack of 30 of these 24” x 36” adhesive mats on floors outside entrances into the construction or renovation area. As the top mat becomes dirty, it is simply peeled away to expose the next mat and discarded. A tacky surface on the bottom of the pack also keeps the pack securely in place. Sticky Mats are packaged 30 mats per pack and sold in a bundle containing 10 packs for a total of 300 mats in each bundle (part# SM2436PK).

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