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PPM3 Portable Differential Pressure Monitor

PPM3 AccessoriesPortable Unit Measures and Records Negative and Positive Pressure Differential for Construction and Renovation Projects

When performing construction, demolition or renovation work in buildings or facilities, it’s important to minimize the impact on building occupants or sensitive products or equipment. Sealing off the work area and keeping it under negative (lower) air pressure compared to adjacent spaces keeps the flow of air inward and reduces the likelihood of particles escaping. The PPM3 Portable Differential Room Pressure Monitor from Abatement Technologies® measures these pressure relationships.

PPM3 Portable Differential Pressure MonitorAccurate, State-of-the-Art Technology

The intuitive technology of the PPM3 Portable Differential Pressure Monitor makes it easy-to-use. It has the capacity to record and store a large number of interval pressure checks, alarm history and setting changes in a history log that can be viewed on the screen or easily downloaded in CSV format to an external USB flash drive.



Other advanced features of the PPM3 Portable Differential Pressure Monitor include:

PPM3 Portable Differential Pressure Monitor
  • Ultra-tough molded polymer case for protection
  • Clear polycarbonate view window so the case can remain closed during use to protect components and keep them contaminant free
  • Color touch screen display
  • USB port for archive history downloading to an external flash drive and fast, on-site firmware upgrades
  • Built-in visual and audible alarm system with audio alarm override
  • Up to 6 months of operation under battery power
  • Differential pressure range: (-0.1” (-25Pa)) to +0.1” (+25Pa)

The PPM3 pressure monitor comes complete with the following components:PPM3 Accessories - Wall Hanger

Optional accessory:


Download the PPM3 Portable Differential Pressure Monitor Brochure PPM3 Portable Differential Pressure Monitor Brochure