Stackable for Easy Transport

Up to three PRED750HC units stack neatly during operation or for storage.

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Customer Testimonials

Read what healthcare customers have to say about using Abatement Technologies® Portable Air Scrubbers in construction and renovation projects.

“Methodist Hospital has used the Abatement portable air scrubber for numerous projects.
It has really come in handy with our current renovation for a new minimal invasive surgery suite. This machine removes all dust and odors, and creates a negative pressure for our infection control
issues for JCAHO. I highly recommend this machine for any healthcare institution
that has any construction, renovation or painting projects!”
– R.D., Director of Facilities,
Methodist Hospital of Southern California,
Arcadia, CA

“We have successfully used our PAS2000HC portable air scrubber during construction projects without any patient or staff complaints. This unit, coupled with the ZipWall temporary construction barrier, removes sheetrock dust, sanding/cutting dust and paint/welding fumes (with carbon filter installed). It’s easy to set-up and maintain. Definitely worth the investment.”
– E.C., Facilities Management,
Appleton Medical Center,
Appleton, WI

“We used the Abatement PAS to remodel a cancer center where it was necessary to continue patient care while completing the project. The equipment was utilized to keep the work areas under negative pressure. The patients going through radiation therapy have reduced immunity and can’t afford to be exposed to construction work. The project was very successful and the equipment worked very well. It was quiet enough not to impact patient care or staff on the project and worked well with no failures.”
– B.M., Director of Engineering,
Saint Patrick Hospital and Health Sciences Center,
Missoula, MT

“Other contractors around us are using equipment that is less sturdy, harder to move around and more expensive. The AIRE GUARDIAN is easy to set-up, meets ICRA requirements and we can work at multiple locations above the ceiling in the same day. I think it’s the best available and Abatement Technologies has great customer service!”
– D. G., Safety Director,
T.H. Marsh Construction
Royal Oak, MI